And not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse….

Here they are… fast asleep. Awaiting the visit of that jolly fellow that brings goodies in his sleigh.



An interesting post….

I saw this post today and clicked over to the link on baby’s abroad in Turkey. I found it incredibly interesting that the attitude of people in Turkey towards babies is so much different from in America. It saddens me sometimes to think how Americans view their children and the place they have in society. Click over and read, it’s an interesting post. The link to “The baby friendly difference” is the one I am referencing about attitude…

Christmas tree decorating 2011

Well, it’s Ashton’s first Christmas that he actually can participate. This will be the 7th year I have spent Christmas with Jeff and the kids. I just can’t beleive how much time has passed…it always happens so quickly. So I thought I would give a quick recap of our day decorating the Christmas tree. πŸ™‚ My mom, the kids, Jeff and I spent the day Sunday putting our decorations out. Love this time of year! And love that mom made a pumpkin roll..oh and we ate the whole thing on Sunday lol oops.

Our tree with led lights… I didn’t realize I bought cool and this go was a fail, I switched it up and made them blend better.

Here is one of our helpers for the day…

and Mr. G man… always ready to pitch in!

Oh and apparently someone caught me on camera… lol not a camera friendly day for me.

Jeff getting decorations of the kids must have caught this pic… that tongue sticking out? Apparently that is a McMillion thing, and he passed it on to Ashton. lol

Ashton putting his frist ornament on the tree… he totally got it. He stepped up and dropped it on. How, I am not sure, but his ornaments caught on a branch and stayed on! πŸ™‚

And we figured out that the tree was poking his belly… so on goes a shirt for another ornament!

See… they do like each other.. the holidays even bring siblings together πŸ˜‰

Hannah’s little helper

Ashton was enamored with that little santa.. Garrett would wind him up, and Ashton would just laugh and laugh

The boys getting the beads untangled…er, Garrett getting the beads untangled, looks like Ashton might be tangling them

All decorated!!

I think this is how the kids see the tree… or maybe little people like Ashton… lol just not so blurry (kids with cameras…whatdoyado?)

And my little cutie pie… just being himself.

Oh and that ball? Ashton spent an extensive amount of time making laps through the house with it, his little head was wringing from sweat and he was even breathing hard…lol We think he was imitating Garrett runnign up and down the court with the basketball ?? who knows what goes on in a toddlers mind?

After we are done, settling in for the night… Garrett reading a book (oh he will shoot me for this pic lol)

And Hannah painting her masterpiece, that intend to frame and hang!

And Ashton putting a hat on Lizie… life is complete.

I thought it would be fun to look back to Christmas in 2010 and see how much they have changed… WOW!!! Even Hannah looks soooo different!


Who should decide?

Can you believe it? My little man is almost 15 months old. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around that. He is growing up so quickly, becoming quite the little comedian. He is walking (albeit a little shaky), he is feeding himself with silverware, he is talking a lot, and he even sings now. All that to say…he is still such a baby. I had this vision in my mind that when he turned 1 that he would no longer be a baby, he would be a toddler. And that is sooo different from a baby, right? Um, no, not so much.

We are still nursing…in the morning some, at night, all.night.long sometimes. My goal was a year. I made it. It has been a tough road at times. If you read my post over at wherelovemeetslife I outlined a little of our journey. Now comes the uncomfortable part….the part where people say “your STILL nursing?” I cringe inside every time someone asks. I avoid talking about it. I figure, it’s our business, and we can share it if we want. Oh, and I hate having to explain myself to people. Especially when they just kind of look at me odd and give no input of their own. I get that “oh, crazy lady is going to nurse this kid till its like 84 months isn’t she??” look. Well, let me tell you. I was one of those people. My best friend nurses(d) her little ones for a long time…and she pretty much let them take the lead on weaning (of course, pregnancy jumped in there at some point and made a decision lol). I actually thought for a long time that it was crazy she nursed so long, I mean, they don’t NEED to drink breastmilk after a year. (Sorry, girl, lol I was one of those!!). Fast-forward to the present where my little man is still nursing and doesn’t really shows signs of stopping anytime soon. Do I have a problem with it? Heck no! That’s like asking if I have a problem with someone coming in and cleaning my bathrooms for me everyday…puhlease, knock yourself out! Why do I make that comparison? Because my baby is cutting teeth, those nasty little suckers that make him wake up all night long in pain, that make him chew on his fingers and cry because they hurt. Nursing him during those times is a life-saver! He can nurse for a few minutes and then he is my happy little boy again. Why in the world would I stop doing what works?

Well, it seems that society has decided that only infants should nurse. Why? I am sure there are lots of answers to that question. And I am also sure it depends on who you ask. It is kind of sad how things have evolved so that breastfeeding is not the norm for feeding babies, and that women should be uncomfortable discussing how long they will nurse. I won’t even get started on the whole nursing in public scenario.

Movies depict nursing moms as “treehugging-naturalists” and poke fun at them. I have heard people say that breastfeeding is gross. I have had my eyes opened to a controversial world that has blown me away. Can I understand how people feel, after all, I was one of them not that long ago. But I also feel that having ben educated, I can make better decisions, and form opnions from something that I now have experience in. I am thankful to be a nursing mom. I am thankful to be able to nurse my munchkin through the teething process. I am thankful for the support that I have received over the last 14+ months.

So how long will Ashton nurse? Well, that’s mostly up to him. I may get to the point that I need a break from it…or he may just decide that he can meet his needs elsewhere, in other ways, and not need to nurse anymore. Will I allow society and its silly ways decide for myself and my child? No… no more than I would think that in order to be beautiful I need to be anorexic thin a.k.a super-model thin. Do I buck the system every chance I get? No, let’s be realistic, society does serve its purpose in many ways. But when it comes to the health and well-being of my family, my husband and I will make those choices.

So just out of curiosity, what do you think? What is normal in your eyes? Would you be willing to consider why you feel that way? Take the poll below and maybe we can put some numbers to this thing….