An interesting post….

I saw this post today and clicked over to the link on baby’s abroad in Turkey. I found it incredibly interesting that the attitude of people in Turkey towards babies is so much different from in America. It saddens me sometimes to think how Americans view their children and the place they have in society. Click over and read, it’s an interesting post. The link to “The baby friendly difference” is the one I am referencing about attitude…

2 thoughts on “An interesting post….

  1. Thanks for the link! With every new place we go, I find Turkey to still be the most baby-friendly (even more so than Italy!). Our US trip went well enough, New Yorkers were surprisingly helpful on the subway but I got nothing but cold stares on the planes traveling by myself with her. I hope to go back to America at some point, but I can’t imagine finding a more welcoming place to have a baby than Turkey.

    • No problem at all! I am now a reader 🙂 I hope at some point in your travels you will find America to be more inviting for babies and moms with little ones. Here’s hoping!

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