How we told the kids the big news

We figured the kids should be the first ones to know the big news since we are expanding the house they live in too. I wasn’t sure how they would react, since Ashton was born our home has been so different from the past. I am sure this new arrival will change things even more. We decided to give them a riddle, and see if they could figure it out. I settled on a picture riddle, and made something up real quick on Publisher.

I could tell by Hannah’s face that she thought she had figured it out pretty quickly, but was afraid she was wrong. 🙂 Garrett caught on right after! They were sooooo excited! I couldn’t have been happier with their response. What a relief! They both want a girl…. I’m thinking it’s a girl, too. I guess we will find out in 7 months!!

I have decided on a way to chronicle this pregnancy. I will start posting the progression as I have a few more pictures!! 🙂

***Just for clarification – the blue and pink heart signify one or the other… no, we are NOT expecting twins. Although I have not been for my first sono, they do not run in our families and we do not foresee that as an issue.


Week 7

I am afraid that this little blog is being sorely neglected. I have discovered that there are just not enough hours in the day! I do have a fun family post to share about our last weekend trip, but first…. guess what??? We are officially expecting #4. Oh yes, I did say 4. This will be my second pregnancy and it comes with mixed emotions. I really want another baby so that Ashton can experience what I did growing up with a close sibling. There really is nothing like it. And, hand in hand with that, is that our current situation has Ashton on his own 50% of the time, and although it’s ok on most days, the holidays are going to get harder and harder on him. And have I mentioned that I have a “little” (she is going to be 13 this year!! sniffle) girl in the house that NEEDS a little sister??? I know we can’t choose the sex, but I sure hope it’s a girl for her sake. Even Garrett is wanting a little sister now.

I want to journal this pregnancy here. I hope that I am able to keep up with it! I also want a picture timeline of the pregnancy, so now I need to go do some searching for ideas. A new pic each week. How fun is that?? Another one I hope I can keep up with lol… that means Jeff will need to be a photographer once a week. Or Hannah, she would do a good job.

So here I am… at 7 weeks (and didn’t even know it!). NO MORNING SICKNESS!! If you know me, the first pregnancy had me feeling perpetually hung over for 14 weeks straight. It was rough… and I work full-time. I missed probably 2 hours total that whole pregnancy for not feeling well. I was proud of myself. It looks like my body is doing me a favor and not making me miserably sick. I haven’t had too many symptoms so far. I have to make frequent trips to the bathroom, but then I am making sure I consume large amounts of water. I am nowhere near as fit this time around…so I need to get going on an excercise program ASAP.

Here we go… another twist in the story of our lives!! lol Did I mention we have a 3 bedroom house that will soon have 6 family members??? 6!!!!!!!!! Oh and I drive a Pilot… I don’t think that is going to cut it. So new home and new vehicle are on the agenda!