Are YOU mom enough?

To realize that the “mommy wars” being fueled in the media are doing nothing to help women, babies, or families in general.

I could not resist writing something about this. After all, it’s creating quite the stir. I have seen some really heated debates on this and it makes me sad and angry at the same time. Do I believe in breastfeeding? Yup. Do I believe in extended breastfeeding? I sure do now. Do I follow attachment parenting? Um, I wouldn’t really consider my parenting style attachment parenting, even if it follows some of the same lines. Do I feel the Time article furthered information that breastfeeding is good for children and that studies show that extended breastfeeding is even better? NO!!! This article did bring the subject to light, and it has spurred lots of discussions on the subject – ultimately allowing more people to be educated in this area. But it has also spurred a lot of arguments that are very counter-productive to what a “lactivist” would really wish to accomplish.

Do moms really need another topic to feel judged, and that they may not “measure up”? I ask a lot of questions, because I feel that everyone should ask this of themselves when they get involved in some of the debates. I have heard some pretty mean and hateful things said in result of this cover. It never ceases to amaze me the lack of knowledge that people spread about subjects they have no real understanding of. More to the point though, is the insanity of people being horribly harsh with one another – possibly complete strangers – over an article in a magazine that was put out to incite just that! I actually had to stop reading comments, because if I read another “that’s just sick” or “extended breastfeeding is for the benefit of the mother” comment I think my head would explode. Really people??? lol Just ask a nursing momma, I can promise that it is NOT for their benefit, well unless you are referring to the fact that nursing will quiet a fussy, in pain, teething baby faster than a shot of whiskey. (no, I don’t give Ashton Jack Daniels when he is teething, lol) Well, that’s for everyone’s benefit now, isn’t it?? There is nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, sexually arousing about nursing a child.

The mother on the cover is a member of a forum I frequent and I follow a blog she writes. She is a strong woman who is doing what she feels is right for her family. She in NO way wants to stir the pot. Her own admissions of that cover photo was that the shot was caught while changing positions, and it seems she is not altogether happy with how the shot was used. Let’s face it, anyone who nurses an older child knows that this is not the typical position for nursing. LOL I actually get a little bit of a kick out of it just for that reason. There were 4 families involved in this photo shoot, and the article was about attachment parenting and Dr. Sears. I am interested in reading the article myself, but I refuse to put any money in the pockets of Time for it.

The moral of my post? Stop the mommy wars, stop buying into the hype and the media induced “stoning” of people who don’t agree with your views. Does that mean that I have to agree with others? No. But does that mean that I should berate them and call them pedophiles because of the way they choose to raise their children? No.

I could post lots of quotes from WHO (World Health Organization), UNICEF, LLL or the AAP on recommendations on proper nutrition of a child, but the fact is, each family must make that decision on what works for them. I do look forward to a day and time when breastfeeding is the norm.. but until then – I will continue to do what works for my family, support any woman who wants help in breastfeeding, and try and convey as much knowledge (limited that I have) to anyone who is interested in hearing it.