Week 28/29 another preggo update

Well, I think it might be time for another update, and an addition to my “journal” for this pregnancy.

I am at week 29 day 2 (according to my cycle dates), my doctor’s office still has me a week behind that.

Overall – I am just starting to really feel pregnant. This little guy is so active. And he keeps spinning around…which Ashton didn’t do all too much. Ashton was head down for a good while, and this little guy is all over the place. I’m not sure which I prefer, lol, the 2+ months of being kicked in the same ribs or the random kicks all over the place. He is quickly running out of space though, so hopefully he will spin to head down and stay that way soon.

I am just now having trouble getting comfortable sleeping – and that is crazy to me considering we have an almost 2 yr old in bed with us still. And bending down to put on shoes has officially become a chore. No cravings still, but then I eat a good balanced diet and I feel that I am getting pretty much all I need for my nutrients. Although an increase in potassium would be good since I woke up with a killer charley horse this morning!!! Ugh. I avoided those almost completely last pregnancy by eating bananas pretty regular.

I not so happy turn of events is that I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes(GD). I was devastated. I kept thinking: I could have eaten better, I could have exercised, I could have done something to prevent this!!! Well, the fact of the matter is, there is no concrete proof as to why a woman develops GD. Thank goodness for my best friend and her choosing to be a Registered Dietician!!! I immediately contacted her and she got me straight. She told me how to track, what to track and how to manage this. I also met with a dietician here as per my doctor’s request. Truth be told, I didn’t need to, but it didn’t hurt. I have known for years now how to eat right and take care of myself, but GD is a whole new ball game!

I have to test my blood glucose levels 4 times a day and ensure I keep within my carb counts for each meal and snack. It’s a pain in the butt, and I will be glad when I don’t have to watch and log everything. But the bright side of that is I am controlling my weight gain pretty well. My main concern is this little guy I am growing – I do not want him to be negatively affected by anything that I do or eat. So as much as it stinks, I will follow my diet to a T and make sure he stays healthy. The only downfall is that if my hormones decide to not cooperate with me on this, despite a perfect diet and good excercise, I still may not be able to control my blood glucose levels and will require medications or possibly insulin. Crossing my fingers!!!

Preparation for this baby is slowly happening. I have purchased some newborn cloth diapers and they are so dang cute!!!! They seriously look like baby doll diapers. I hope to rotate through them as much as possible and minimize disposables. But let’s face it… breastfed babies poop A LOT in the beginning. I will get some one size diapers as well(besides Ashton’s) for when he grows out of the newborns. I may even get a few in small and medium. I guess we shall see what works when he gets here.

I have the crib together, but that isn’t going to be used until he is out of the co-sleeper. Let’s hope I can use it this time, we won’t know until we see what kind of sleeper this little guy is. It was survival that put and kept Ashton in our bed. Seriously, when you have to wake up 3-4 times every night for, well, years, you have to do what works. I still have to pull all of our baby gear out of my mom’s attic and clean it up. I still have time for that though. Almost all of the clothes are sorted and actually organized this time around. It’s slowly coming together.

I am really anxious to meet this baby. I am having such a different experience this pregnancy. Last time I was very focused on the pregnancy and birth that I wasn’t thinking about what it would be like once the baby was actually here. Odd, I know, but that’s where I was. This time I know that I need to focus on birth and this little guy being a part of our family. I am so curious about his personality, who he will be!

Well, that about covers things at this point. Time is passing quickly(first day of school tomorrow!!!) and we are all doing really well!! 🙂