oh Baby!

Well, Brantley made his appearance – and if how he did that is any indication of what his personality is going to be we are sooo in for it! 🙂 Let’s just say that his birth was movie worthy. From the nonchalant starts of labor to the gurney being rushed through the halls while staff is yelling “don’t push!” to the beautiful baby. I will share my birth story at some point, it’s a doozy. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my last child.
He nursed great from the start and has been such a good baby. He was smiling from about week 4! And he gives me good stretches of sleep, too. I am so thankful for that and need to start taking advantage of it by getting some things accomplished at night. Now he is 8 weeks and I am actually on board with documenting hs growth. I was afraid I wouldn’t stay on top of things, but I am and I will throughout the year. The idea to document weekly came from my favorite blog – younghouselove. They did this with their daughter and I loved the idea so much I am doing some copy-catting. Here is one of Brantley’s pics – this is 4 weeks.

4 weeks

Thanks to our wonderful family, we were able to purchase a new camera and I am hoping to develop a loving relationship with it real soon so we can have some amazing pics of this little stinker.