To my wonderful husband…

I know you don’t like days like today… you avoid them at all costs. Although, it does seem that you are handling it quite well today. You know the saying that things get better with age, well that saying definetely applies to you. Yes, it’s your birthday, yes, your a year older. But you are also a year wiser, and it’s been another year that I have been able to spend with you. Oh, and you have had my presence in your life for another year as well..thats like a double shot cinnoman dulce latte from Starbucks every day of the year! LOL ok, maybe I am over-rating myself a bit, but I would say having you around is like a caramel brule latte every day of the year, and I can only get those around the holidays-thanks babe 🙂

So go enjoy your eclair 😉

Image found at Honest Cooking

And can’t wait for you to come home this evening and spend time with all of us!

I love you… forever. No matter how old you get.


Why here? Why not there?

You ask this question with a puzzled look on your face I am sure. It’s actually a pretty simple answer… I am living and learning. I started wherelovemeetslife in an effort to keep freinds and family up to date with us…as well as show my creative side. But I have discovered through that blog that I prefer to blog about home decor, DIY, and that sort of thing over there. I really don’t want to mix topics too much. I still care about breastfeeding, baby-wearing, health, fitness, family…. so I need an outlet for that. And that is how Where Love and Family Meet is born. Medication free/all natural/with a little pain (to come I am sure)/ and lots of love. So stay tuned as I put myself out there in a whole new way. I promise the first post will be chock full of info that I am sure people have strong opinions, or heck, didn’t know they had one. Or maybe it will give someone something to think about so that they can start to form an opinion. Either way, it should get everyone’s attention. Hope I have yours!